How to get instant loans also for bad payers in 2017

What personal loans are and how they work immediately

What personal loans are and how they work immediately

When you are faced with sudden expenses, instant outcome loans can undoubtedly be a useful resource. However, there is often a tendency to misunderstand the meaning of these products. In fact, it often happens that those who are looking for immediate loans believe that they do not have to present any guarantee.

However, this is an incorrect belief. It is very difficult to obtain a personal loan without presenting any collateral. And this becomes even more complicated if the applicant needs to obtain the money in a very short time.

The first thing to make clear therefore is that to obtain the credit it is necessary to have sufficient guarantees to ensure the regular repayment of the amortization installments. Guarantees that can be both profitable and real, depending on the type of financing chosen.

This is because in the list of loans with immediate outcome we can include both fast personal loans, granted by banks and online financial companies, as well as pawn loans and those with bills. All products that allow the applicant to know the outcome of the loan request within a few hours. But what are the banks and financial institutions that provide instant outcome loans online? Who can get these products?

Who pays fast loans

Who pays fast loans

Finding the best loan is simple. Among the various online banks and financial companies that provide instant outcome loans are Best bank. The online bank of the Agree group offers its customers the opportunity to apply for a personal loan online. The application procedure is simple and intuitive and delivery takes place in a very short time. The loan application must be submitted online, using the appropriate form. All without having to print any document.

Project and allows you to get up to 60 thousand USD. Sum to be repaid with an amortization plan that can be modified according to the beneficiary’s needs. In fact, it is possible for the borrower to change the amount of the installment, in case of difficulty in repayment. However, this option can only be activated after the regular repayment of the first six amortization installments. Likewise, it is possible to skip the payment of a monthly installment, provided that at least six months have passed since the start of the amortization plan.

While the installment skip option can be used up to three times, the borrower can change the installment as often as he wants. Obviously, changing the amount of the installment will also change the duration of the loan. The skipped installments are instead postponed to the end of the repayment plan. We remind you that both the Rata Change and the Salto Rata options do not foresee costs for the borrower and cannot be used at the same time. There are no costs even in the event of early repayment of the loan.

Application and activation costs

Application and activation costs

As already mentioned, Hello! Project can only be requested online through the application form on the credit institution’s official website. Both the account holders Hello! Bank and those who hold a current account with another bank or financial institution.

Once the bank has approved the loan application, Hello! Project will be granted within 48 hours. Disbursement that will take place by bank transfer to the current account.

As far as the opening costs are concerned, there are no costs for starting the loan or for managing the installments. The closing costs of the loan are also zeroed.

Moving on to the chapter of documents to be submitted, for the Hello! Project, the identity document, your tax code and an official certification attesting the economic situation of the applicant are sufficient.

The offers of Cream bank and Lite Lender

The offers of Cream bank and Lite Lender

Among the various banks and financial companies that provide instant online loans we also find Cream bank and Lite Lender. Let’s start with the loan offer from Lite Lender, which offers personal loans with amounts up to 30 thousand USD.

The loan is granted within 48 hours from the presentation of the income documents. The amortization schedule can extend for a maximum of 120 months (10 years) and the interest rate is fixed.

Lite Lender loans are also included in the list of Lite Lender loans. These are loans granted directly through the free mobile application of the financial company, called Lite Lender.

The peculiarity of the loans requested through Lite Lender is represented by the fact that they are loans characterized by very short times, both as regards the application procedure and for the granting of the sum. Using the application it is possible to obtain loans up to 3 thousand USD.

As regards the Cream bank offer, however, it is possible to obtain lower amounts compared to Lite Lender personal loans. Again, however, these are loans with an immediate outcome. The feasibility assessment of the loan is communicated within 48 hours. Period that is obviously calculated from the moment the lender receives the documents necessary for the request.

The loans do not include costs for opening the file or for collecting the installment. The costs for periodic communications were also eliminated. The amortization schedule can extend for a maximum of 72 months.

The beneficiary also has the option to change the repayment terms, skipping one or more monthly installments. However, the installment jump option can be used a maximum of three times during the loan.

Loans with promissory notes and pledges

Loans with promissory notes and pledges

Now that we have seen some offers of immediate outcome loans granted in favor of subjects who have sufficient income guarantees, let’s move on to alternative solutions. These are loans with immediate results dedicated to those who are reported as bad payers or who do not have enough work income to guarantee the regular repayment of the installments.

We are talking about two particular solutions for accessing credit: loans with bills and pawned loans. Loans exchanged are loans characterized by the presence of bills that correspond to the repayment installments. Payments are monthly and the interest rate is fixed.

Given the presence of bills, these loans are very safe for the banks and financial companies that provide them. In the event of non-payment by the debtor, the credit institution can request the attachment of the debtor’s assets.

This is the reason why banks and financial institutions are willing to easily grant loans with bills. Products that fully fall into the category of immediate outcome loans. Once the income documents have been submitted, the evaluation of the request takes place in a very short time.

Finally we find the pawned loans. A credit access solution that is undoubtedly dated, but ideal for those who are looking for instant results. The granting of the sum takes place as soon as the asset to be attached has been valued. The sum that can be financed is in fact defined on the basis of the market value of this object.